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The Power of Improv

Brook Stetler, director of The REP, teaches students improv during a mentoring session with the Seaside Neighborhood School.

Embracing Creativity Within

Whether you are a local or are happily vacationing here on 30A, chances are you have encountered one of the many faces of The REP Theatre. You may have enjoyed one of their children’s theater performances in the Seaside Amphitheater, walked past as they performed storytelling to groups of spectators in the afternoon, or maybe even enrolled your child in one of the many improv classes they offer. Whatever your experience, one thing is for certain, The REP Theatre is fiercely community-focused, bringing arts and culture to the area like no other. Some of the many ways The REP is able to continue its vital connection to the community are through their children’s theater, improv workshops, and outreach program. These programs spark the imagination and instill the importance of the arts with future generations, further enriching the lives of all in the community.

It is through The REP’s workshops and classes where students are encouraged to embrace their creative side and fully welcome the unknown through improvisation. Students are given the opportunity for self-discovery in a safe and positive atmosphere with REP teachers who just so happen to be just as silly as they are. In each session, REP teachers and students work together in pairs and in groups creating and collaborating with each other to perform stories purely created from their own imaginations. For The REP, the fundamentals of improv lay in the foundation of everything they do. Collaboration, creative problem solving, and being open to new ideas are just a few of the notable benefits of improv and how it strengthens a student’s skills individually and as part of a team. In fact, improv’s many advantages give students the tools for success and prepares them for whatever challenges come their way.

The Seaside Neighborhood School, Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, and the local Boys and Girls Clubs are only a few of the organizations that The REP Theatre works with to encourage students to push past their boundaries and embrace their imagination. It is through the support and generosity of these organizations and REP members that The REP has been given the opportunity of advocating for the enrichment of the arts along 30A. Whether it is through a mentoring session with the Seaside Neighborhood School, or one of the many improv classes they offer, The REP is continuing to make a difference in the lives of countless students one improv session at a time. After all, the power of improv teaches acceptance, improves self-esteem, and gives students the strength to embrace their creativity, further uniting the community through the arts.

To see what The REP has to offer during the spring season, be sure to check the full calendar of events at LoveTheREP.com.

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