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Fresh Ideas

Freshen up your home or wardrobe with interesting finds

By Kirsten Koza Reed

Spring time is the perfect time to begin new things or try a new fashion. Whether you are looking for fashionable items to help you organize your life or a new bit of fashion to pick you up out of the winter fog, you will find some exceptional items among Seaside merchants this season.

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Spring

Olukai’s innovative, anatomical soles make the sandals an easy fit for anyone wanting a pair of flip-flops that are ready to wea and easy on your sole. Available at ONO Surf Shop.

Flip-flops are considered to be an indispensable staple for footwear on the beach. They pair well with casual or dressy shorts, sundresses and flirty skirts. Get ready to hit the beach in high fashion while strolling around with footwear that needs no breaking in period. Olukai footwear, sold at ONO Surf Shop, is one of the most popular items people grab every spring.

Olukai’s line of sandals for men and women is popular because they are made to be anatomically correct and feel good the first time you put them on your feet, because of the superior support they deliver. The contour of their foot bed is universal and make them a popular choice in flip-flops for feet of all shapes and sizes.

Olukai sandals are constructed with innovative, quick-drying materials, making them perfect for beach life. Their outsoles are made from recycled rubber, and the upper portion of the sandals come in canvas, synthetic, mesh, and leather. The most popular ones at ONO tend to be the synthetic line, mostly because of versatility and toughness. The water-resistant synthetic straps and a rubber outsole feature a sea urchin lug design for superior traction. And the price is reasonable.

Olukai sandals run from $65 to $175, with the bulk of their inventory in the $65 to $99 range. You will find handcrafted details in the line to reflect island life, art and traditions.

ONO Surf Shop, across from Central Square on the beach side of 30A, (850) 231-1573.
Instagram: @onosurfshop



Reminiscent of the sea and ancient times, these coin necklaces are pieces of history brought back to life with accoutrement of pearls and hand-crafted leather. Available at La Vie Est Belle.

Not Your Ordinary Spare Change

As new looks in jewelry develop in stores and fashion alike, one trend that continues to gain momentum is the uptick in women wanting to collect vintage pieces. The stories and history make these statement pieces one-of-a-kind, and who wouldn’t want to wear a conversation piece? La Vie Est Belle affords women and men one of the largest selection of ancient and shipwreck coins in the Southeast. These jewelry pieces feature coins recovered from the depths of shipwrecks from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Medieval times, and make a stunning fashion statement in the way of accessorizing your spring wardrobe.

Paired with Wendy Mignot’s exclusive pearls and hand-crafted, signature leather, these pieces are simple and understated. Each piece is distinctive, with its own story worn in the weathered silver, bronze and gold coins, accented by Tahitian and South Sea Pearls. The coins are all genuine artifacts and certified through a coin specialist. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee.

Pair these coin necklaces with your favorite casual beach attire, or with your formal evening wear. Because of the limited availability of these rare coins, each necklace makes an exceptional fashion statement. The coin necklace collection begins at $175 per necklace. And they have a variety of styles suitable for both men and women. They offer gift wrapping and shipping as well as gift certificates.

La Vie Est Belle, Central Square in Seaside, (850) 231-4692.


Create space in your life for these eco-friendly paper-based products that don’t harm the environment and are durable as well as washable. Available at An Apartment in Paris. Photo by Jack Gardner

Fashion Paired with Sustainability Is Always in Style

Take a stroll into Ruskin Place and discover the amazing line of durable products made from paper An Apartment in Paris is now carrying. The line of washable paper designs cover fashion, accessories and homewares. Yes, paper. If you haven’t heard of Uashmama (pronounced “wash mama”) paper bags and products, which look and feel like leather, swing by and check these out.

Uashmama founder Marco Marconi and his family created this original line of paper products in Italy beginning with a paper bag made from special natural cellulose fiber, which comes from a source that responsibly manages forests. Since then, the product’s popularity has launched the company into a line of innovative goods for fashion and home that couldn’t be more timely. These eco-conscious products won’t add to the landfill volume, and actually help divert waste from landfills by creating a range of unique products to last. What’s more, they are washable.

An Apartment in Paris carries a range of Uashmama products such as paper purses, wine bags, backpacks, luggage and messenger bags. They also carry home good items like paper planters, storage containers, coasters, buckets, and table placemats. The sturdiness of these lightweight bags is remarkable, with some designs even made to carry firewood and other heavy items. The washable paper bags present a simple, organic storage solution. Used on the table, at the desk, in the pantry, in the bathroom, as a vase or as a bin, these bags are a clean and modern sustainable substitute for plastic and other products. The bags can be used for herbs, plants, fruit, vegetables, jewelry, makeup, craft, toys, laundry, recycling or storage. They come in a variety of sizes and chic-looking colors, too, so no boring storage solutions here.

The Uashmama products without any leather pieces are machine washable and can be re-shaped before drying. Products with leather can be hand washed to the point of the leather and all products will soften with age and wear like leather. Prices begin at $5 for coasters.

An Apartment In Paris, Ruskin Place, (850) 534-0038.


Colorful Earrings Give Pop to Spring Wardrobe

Spring runways were all about color this season. Home trends are beginning to pop with it. And it is no longer taking a backseat to calm and comfortable. For the first time in several months, we are seeing jewelry trends showing bold, colorful and statement-making pieces in favor over the everyday look that has been at the forefront of the industry for some time.

Enjoy all the colors of the rainbow and fun geometric shapes to give your ho-hum wardrobe a bit of pizazz. Available at Willow + Woods.

Visit Willow + Woods in Central Square in Seaside and find not just amazing pops of color in their “statement earrings,” but also find a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Enjoy reloading your earring arsenal with textures like raffia, enamel, wood, beaded, tassels and mixed media designs. Add to that some interesting geometric shapes, flowers, hoops and even lips to give a wild, bold statement to finish your outfit.

The important thing to remember, according to Kelli Durham, manager of Willow + Woods, is to not take yourself too seriously and have fun when browsing their large selection of bright and fun earrings. The collection of statement earrings is the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone without a huge commitment or price tag, with earrings starting at just $32 a pair. Perk up your otherwise tired outfit and feel new again by adding some festive earrings, or pick a pair for a friend. Willow + Woods offers gift wrapping, shipping and gift certificates.

Willow + Woods, Central Square in Seaside, (850) 231-0248.

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