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Behind the Scenes at The REP Theatre

The REP Theatre is an organization that thrives on creating innovative theater and sharing the joy of the performing arts with all in the community. With The REP’s extensive programming there is no shortage of one-of-a-kind entertainment all year long. Whether you are catching one of the

shows in their beloved intimate theater, or find yourself in the audience in one of the many venues where they perform on 30A, you never walk away disappointed and always leave better than you came. For that short moment of time, The REP Theatre brings you out of the everyday and welcomes you to a whole new world with a wild cast of characters.

Along with a talented company of actors, The REP’s executive director, Brook Stetler, and director of artistic operations, Aubrey Ainsworth, make up the resident production team bringing the imaginary world to life. Their journey begins many months prior to the opening of each play from writing scripts to casting the shows to the first day of rehearsal and that is only the beginning. The vast amount of work that goes into each production is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time, but for this company of dedicated thespians, it is a labor of love and truly worth every moment.

To say that The REP is busy during the couple weeks prior to the opening of one of its productions would be an understatement. If you were to peek inside the theater during that time you would find a scene of organized chaos. The set, props, costumes, lighting and sound all come together through the buzzing of saws and drills or the whir of a sewing machine. It is through this process that all of the production elements you see onstage are designed and executed to seamlessly fit together and create the vision and world of the play. With The REP’s production of Sam Shepard’s powerful drama “True West,” Brook Stetler had the incredible task of building an entire kitchen and dining area onstage. Under his direction, volunteers came together to help with the set and assisted in building a remarkable kitchen ideal for the tone of the play.

There is no greater feeling than that felt at the end of the entire process. Everything comes together and visions that started as simple ideas are finally realized. The set, costumes, props, lighting and sound are all intertwined in tandem with the actors to create a compelling story and one that will resonate with all who see it.

To see what The REP is up to in the New Year, check the full calendar of events at LoveTheREP.com
Box office: (850) 231-0733

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