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Where’s Bud / Where’s Waldo

Where’s Bud

Beginning Aug.1, Bud, Seaside’s founding dog, will be hiding in various merchant locations in Seaside. And it’s your job to find him.

Where’s Bud, Seaside’s take on the popular Where’s Waldo event held by Sundog Books in July, is a scavenger hunt for all you little explorers. The search for Bud begins at the Seaside Visitors Bureau and Seaside Kids (see map on page 14), where you can pick up a passport and get your first Bud sighting. After spotting Bud, you will get your passport stamped. From there, you’ll visit each participating merchant listed on the passport and search for Bud hidden in or nearby that business, collecting a stamp from each merchant along the way. After collecting stamps from every Bud spotting location, and ending at the Seaside Style store, you can bring your finished passport to Modica Market where you’ll be rewarded with a prize.

Where’s Waldo? Can you find him?

Thirty years of finding Waldo has made kids and parents happy. But Waldo lives to continue this game.
The amazing original of the Where’s Waldo book set off a massive worldwide search for Waldo. Now 30 years later, a special edition perfect for the youngest Waldo searcher, contains all the fun of the original but with a lot of eye-popping extras. Anyone who has found Waldo on his journeys before will want to find him all over again, because he’s in a new place in every scene. And now readers can also search for Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, and much more — all newly added to this special edition found at Sundog Books in Seaside.

Throughout July, he’s also hiding in local Seaside and Watercolor businesses. And his dog, Woof, is hiding somewhere at Sundog Books.

The search is on.

Start at Sundog Books in Seaside where you’ll pickup your passport. When you spot Waldo at any one of the businesses listed on the inside of the passport, collect a store stamp (or signature). When you spot Waldo & Woof at Sundog Books, collect a store stamp (or signature).

When you’ve collected all 20 store stamps/signatures, bring them to Sundog Books, the “Find Waldo Local Headquarters.” You will receive a treat provided by The Candy Bar. You will also receive a “Found Waldo” button (limited amount only).
Once you’ve collected all stamps/signatures, leave your completed passport at Sundog Books to be entered in a drawing each Friday, except July 1, through the entire month of July. You can even snap a photo of you and Waldo. #whereswaldoseasidefl

And just in case you forget all of this, the instructions are printed on the passports at Sundog Books. Happy Hunting!

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